M O T H E R' S  O L D  M I N K  R E S C U E  C O.

Mother's Old Mink Rescue Co. On the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard a strange cry was heard. It wasn't the whispering of the ocean's waves nor the wind in the trees, but the cries of millions of forgotten little minks languishing in attics and trunks and feeling unused.

It was fashion designer Lorraine Parish who heard those cries and championed their cause by dreaming up gorgeous and luxurious ways for all those beautiful minks to join the world once again. She gathered them up and resurrected them into exquisite silk velvet clothing in time for the new millennium. Recycled mink now adorns her wondrous velvet jackets and romantic dresses in luscious crimson and velvety jet black.

Think about your mother's very own mink fashioned once again into something beautiful and wearable today. Even your mother's monogram's found in the lining of her old mink jacket can be sewn inside your new LP jacket.

Lorraine Parish has created an heirloom line of romantic, modern clothing unique in the fashion world today. Her look has always been classically right but yet has a distinction and style all it's own.

So if in the middle of the night you hear faint cries from your attic, don't call the police, call Lorraine!

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